Hi there! My name is Jason Scott and I created "BBS: The Documentary".

In 2001, I decided that the history of the dial-up BBS was going to be lost or at least be a shadow of what it could have been. So I got myself a camera, started making phone calls and e-mails out to people, and started out on a journey. 20,000 miles of travel, 200 interviews, and 4 years later, I finally finished it, and the result is "BBS: The Documentary", a 3-DVD set about the BBS that's getting rave reviews.

Of course, you know this already... because you're downloading it!

Downloading the documentary is OK, thanks to the Creative Commons license!

I released the entire production under what's called a "Creative Commons" license. Instead of becoming a part of the massive group of content providers that are threatening children and families with insane fines and jail time for watching movies, I decided I would instead encourage people to share or use portions of the story of the BBS. I think the history of the BBS is important for people who are using the Internet to know about. As someone who grew up using BBSes, I knew I wanted as many people to see it. Getting money out of every single person who watched it ever for all of time was not a goal.

Granted, this production DID cost me a lot of money: tens of thousands of dollars and years of my life (editing alone was 8 solid months, hours a day, every day). But again, just the fact that this interests you and that you learn about BBSes is the important thing.

So, some quick basics and you're on your way.

Downloading the episodes themselves misses out on a ton of features on the DVD; I made sure owning the DVD was worth it, so it has subtitles, commentary tracks, DVD-ROM section with thousands of photographs, and about 80 minutes of bonus materials. Also, and I can't stress this enough... the packaging just kicks ass. Kicks it up and down the street and leaves it in the gutter with its underwear on its head. It's really that good.

So, if you decide you DO want to order it, just head on over to this page and check it out.

Another possibility is maybe you don't have a lot of money and you just can't afford to spend $40. I understand; there was a time in my early 20s where I was so lacking in money, I had to beg friends to take me out to eat just so I could get some slices of pizza. It was really that bad. I'm much better now. But back then, getting together $40 to watch a movie was absolutely insane, even if it was a kick-ass box set. So I've been there.

However, if you feel like you enjoyed it and just want to show your appreciation, consider throwing me a few bucks via paypal. Here's the donation button:

Either way, thanks for seeing the documentary and learning the history of the BBS.

Do not hesitate to write to with questions about the production or my philosophy.