Waffle BBS Software Support Files

Description of the File
APSIG105.ZIP 14099
AppSig; Signature utility for Waffle Systems.
Waffle BBS Arbitron listing generator.
ASER28.ZIP 64419
Mail-based archive server for Waffle BBS.
ATMove (UNIX) WaffleBBSutility; Aids in moving files descriptions.
BAT164A.ZIP 14142
Tom Dell's batcher for Waffle can feed by mail.
CHKFLS12.ZIP 31385
Chkfiles utility for Waffle BBS v1.65; Scans a Waffle 1.65 dirs file and the associated info files checking for problems.
CLINFO12.ZIP 25331
Top Ten caller display utility.
CWEXP104.ZIP 24279
Waffle BBS news expire utility
List the top 10 Waffle BBS users by disk usage.
EVOTE20.ZIP 40425
Enhanced Vote Utility for Waffle Version 2.0
For uupcb systems who get feeds from waffle sites, this will help select your feeds must be enabled at both ends.
FILDR201.ZIP 42688
Waffle BBS friendly file door replacement.
Files necessary to make FSED work under Waffle. It incudes two entries for \waffle\extern\_editors, a 'correction' program, and FSED configuration files.
FXL142.ZIP 42046
Fixlines v1.42; Allows user to copy a textfile, thereby changing the newline flavor of the file.
HK_SET.ZIP 24635
Hunt-N-Kill. File deletion util.
Add Lines: headers to Waffle BBS postings.
NETSUM25.ZIP 32159
Waffle BBS net file summary report generator
NEWUSER v0.2; Utility to add files to a newuser's directory.
NEXP13.ZIP 5242
Expire in Perl, for MS-DOS Waffle BBS, V 1.3.
NEXP20.ZIP 8923
Nuexpire.pl v2.0 - a Waffle maintenance utility for MS-DOS Waffle BBS Systems.
NN258.ZIP 170464
News Reader v2.58 for Waffle BBS.
Waffle BBS news expire perl script
POLL100.ZIP 22279
Waffle BBS uucp site polling utility
Privlist (UNIX) Waffle BBS utility; Utility that will through a Waffle BBS's password file and list all users that match a special privilege.
Public Domain Waffle Ex-User Directory Purger
PWPL165.ZIP 6156
waffle.pl - The WAFFLE package for perl
QUOTA01.ZIP 19535
Jonathan Herr's Disk quota program.
REQ.ZIP 10067
Display requests file entry for a Waffle user.
REQ101.ZIP 11185
Request v1.01 utility for WAFFLE uucp/bbs package. Given a username it retrieves and displays all information relevant to that name from WAFFLE/ADMIN/ REQUEST file.
RETRY10.ZIP 17400
Poll program, more flexible than PPOLL.
RFILES23.ZIP 37604
Rfiles v2.3: File list compiler.
SEX100.ZIP 19043
Waffle BBS utility for news & dir expiration. 11/19/92.
TMA114.ZIP 30045
The Moderator's Assistant v1.14 - a WAFFLE BBS utility - gives the Sysop the ability to process mail messages into approved news messages easily using his favourite external editor and standard Waffle support programs.
Fon file of Worcester bbs for telemate.
UNET10.ZIP 10679
Create newsgroup listing automatically in event for Waffle.
UUB10B4.ZIP 90321
Uubatch for Waffle/Dos 1.0b4 Mail batching and debatching pa
VAC14.ZIP 16813
VACation: Automatic reply to email.
VAC162.ZIP 15753
Waffle Vacation Droid v1.6.2; Processes mail files in Waffle's User Directories. Attempts to detect and inhibit bounce loops.
VMS122.ZIP 102063
V-Mail Server 1.22. Mail server, mailing list file server.
VOTE.ZIP 17700
Vote and Vinit; Vinit is executed by the system operator to clear out the old files. Vote permits up to 12 statements, to which users can log their agreement, or post a counter-argument if they disagree.
W165PEG5.ZIP 72248
Kit containing materials to attach the Pegasus email package (v2.33) to the Waffle Bulletin Board System (v1.65).
WAF165.ZIP 544426
WAFFLE BBS v1.65; Hundreds of changes, too numerous to list here (a more detailed list is in HISTORY.DOC).
WAFDAY will read the contents of your /waffle/admin/callers log and show you which days of the week get the most activity. wafday also reports any garbage records (i.e., those that don't seem to have the day-of-week where it thinks they should be).
WAFDB; Generate Q&A ASCII Database Form Creates a "standard ASCII" file from /waffle/admin/password for importing into your standard database (dBASE?) or flat-file manager (Q&A?) for generating all kinds of (meaningless?) statistics.
WAFDL111.ZIP 19981
External file section door.
WAFM10.ZIP 66985
WafMail 1.0: Offline mail door.
Waffle BBS external protocols sample setups.
Waffle BBS sort utility
TRIM; Trims a textfile down to the number of lines specified
WCP11.ZIP 23539
Waffle Cookie Press Version 1.1 Multiline Cookies
WFS112.ZIP 143569
Mail-based archive file server.
WFS203.ZIP 207342
"Waffle File Server" (WFS) v2.0.0; Features a Mail Based Archive Server, Automatic mail response, Remote command execution, and a Mailing list server.
WINFO100.ZIP 33358
Winfocom; Game external for Waffle UUCP/ BBS Package. Allows sysop to give access to many of Infocom's interactive fiction games to users.
WUP100.ZIP 18456
Waffle bbs utility programs (for waf164).
WUTL10.ZIP 39984
A collection of Waffle BBS (mail) utilities.
WWCP120.ZIP 111007
Exchange mail between Waffle and WWIV Nets.
WWCP122.ZIP 108219
WWCP v1.21 - Waffle to WWIV Copy - allows you to exchange Email between WWIVnet and your Waffle BBS. WWIV netsubs can also be carried as newsgroups on your Waffle system and vice-versa. The interface is totally invisible to the user. All routing is fully automatic.
XFAX006B.ZIP 29864
XFAX Fax receiving software suitable for Waffle or other BBS v006b
ZNEWS96D.ZIP 43343
ZipNews;FAST News access DOOR for Waffle BBSs and for use with PCBoard as well;v0.96d BETA. Also handles news article uploads from the new ZipNews Reader/Mailer (available separ- ately). Registerd version of the door now can handle Internet E-mail downloads and uploads in addition to Usenet NEWS. Developed and in use at the Northern Lights. This is for PCBoard BBSs also running Waffle as a DOOR, OR for Waffle-only BBSs. Definitely the

There are 60 files for a total of 2,602,816 bytes.