IBM and Compatibles: DOS: RBBS
Author: Russ Lane (Original Author), later Brad Hanson (2.0), Tom Mack
Additional Notes:
Pete Smothers writes: The first version (Copywrited - 6/21/82) was written by Russ Lane.) In 1983 Brad Hanson added xmodem protocol to Russ Lane's Version 1.0 of RBBS-PC and called it RBBS-PC Ver 2.0 and added a note to the program source code that he was copywriting RBBS-PC. Other Capitol PC user group members who add or changed RBBS-PC add their own names and their own Copywrite notice to the top of the source code. I talked to Russ Lane in Telluride CO where he went to drop out from Chicago IL about why what some of his code was suppose to do. He was writing code and skiing and did not complain about others did to his code. Tom Mack was a sysop for a bbs of the Capitol PC users group and did head up the control of the code from about version 9 on. Have the original code from Russ Lane to back this all up. I also made changes to RBBS-PC with Russ' permission for my board NOPC - RBBS, that I put up on 8/21/83 for New Orleans Personal Computers Group. History should correctly credit the work that Russ Lane did to get the IBM RBBS explosion started. (232K) (480K) (288K) ( 64K) (272K) (256K) (332K) ( 68K) (192K) (124K) (256K)
rbbs121.arc (192K)
rbbs121.txt ( 76K) (204K) Remote Bulletin Board System - PC version 12.2b (PC-Blue Disk #74) (1.6M) (272K) RBBS-PC Version 17.4 Basic Source Code Package (1992) ( 68K)