Name of Interview: Lynn Crumbling
Date Interviewed: February 29, 2004
Location: York, PA

Good old Lynn. Ever the one to attempt to shoehorn in every possible interview into a weekend that I could. I made arrangements with Lynn to come in the Sunday night of my weekend and get a quick interview with him. As a bonus, he was located in Southern Pennsylvania, adding one more state to the "total". Even though I had been to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut multiple times, I just never seemed to be able to get things together to interview someone from the Keystone state.

So after I'd finished my afternoon interview, I shot north up to Pennsylvania, only to find that once I'd gotten there, I didn't have Lynn's address! And the phone number I had for him was his work number, which of course he didn't pick up, and which I left several long messages on, rambling about how it was late on Sunday night and I had a plane to catch and it might be a wash and it was all my fault.

Desperate, I drove up into the suburban hills of York and tried to find an open wireless connection for my laptop. I drove around, quietly, trying not to look too suspicious and weird (and likely failing) and eventually getting a connection long enough to send an e-mail out to Lynn's address, which I hoped would be sufficient enough to reach him.

It turned out it was; just as I was preparing to leave York, Lynn called me on my cell phone and told me how to find his apartment. I drove over there and we hung out for a couple hours.

The interview was short, and Lynn was positive he'd fumbled it, but in fact the whole process of interviewing was like second nature to me at this point, and I could have brought more information out of him, but I was simply too tired; the combination of the tough weekend and the long drive up to York simply wiped me out and so we got a pretty good interview, but one which we could have done better.

The Oscars were playing that night on the couple's TV, so I watched that with them, had some soda, and said goodnight before driving out into the night. I got back into the city at a very late time, well past midnight, and got a short sleep in before heading to the airport, and home.