Name of Interview: Dennis Cruise
Date Interviewed: May 24, 2003
DV Tapes Filled: 1 Hour
Location: Beaverton, OR

I'd grabbed a hotel near Dennis Cruise's house so that I'd have the least amount of time to travel to it in the morning, because I'm really bad with mornings; more than once throughout the documentary, I can recall apologizing to someone for showing up a little later than I expected when I scheduled an interview for something like 8am. More often that that, I had had to basically stay up overnight with just a cat-nap to ensure I'd be there on time (this was especially true during my big Texas trip).

Dennis was gracious and friendly, and we found a good location in his house to film. He didn't mind my fiddling with half the curtains and applicance in the room to get a good shot set up, and was a great interviewee, answering every question to the best of his ability.

Dennis has a less than positive memory of his time with Mustang Software; one might even call it resoundingly negative. Brought in towards the relative end of Mustang, he encountered a firm in turmoil and the attendant politics that come when it's becoming obvious the lavish times are coming to a close. I could see that while he'd moved on, he'd had a lot of anger from that time, knowing how much better things could have been and how they ended up being so much less.

This contrasted starkly with the experience of the Mustang Employees I'd interviewed previously, who had nothing but love for the whole process and their old CEO. It was good to get another side to the whole story, how it wasn't perfect for everyone.

We didn't just focus on the negative aspects, of course, and covered a number of related subjects. The whole process went along well, and I headed out with another great interview on tape.