Name of Interview: Ernie Longmire (Count Nibble)
Date Interviewed: May 21, 2003
Location: Oakland, CA
DV Tapes Filled: 1 Hour

swpg-nl-1-1.gif (65K) The Southwest Pirates Guild Newsletter (Front Page) (September 2, 1985)
mrshim.txt (5.7K) Mr. Shim: Your Briefcase Opening Pal by Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble
countleg.phk (6.8K) Count Lazlo Nibble Presents -- The Countlegger Table Of Contents
nibble.mp3 (290K) INTERVIEW EXCERPT: Paying $3600 for an Apple II / The Apple II "Crowd"
crack.upc (6.5K) Cracking the Universal Product Code, by Count Nibble
spraypai.ana (4.8K) Fun! With Spray Paint by Count Nibble (July 31, 1985)
newcoke.txt (11K) Count Nibble Presents Fear and Loathing in the Soft Drink Aisle (June 4th, 1985)
rsv.ana (11K) Fun! With Random Senseless Vandalism, by Count Nibble
nibble.html (7.2K) An Appreciation of Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble, by Jason Scott (January, 2003)

One way to really base yourself in this world (and not just the floating idea of the world in your head) is to meet a few of your personal heroes. Fellow flesh-and-blood that have transcended mere acknowledgement in your mind, yet upon meeting them you realize that they, too, are people, and that this leaves some good hope you might achieve things as they have.

This documentary has given me more than my share of hero-meeting, but right up there is Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble, or Count Nibble (or Ernie Longmire), who is as close to a mentor to writing textfiles as ever I've had. While being the guy doesn't automatically make me any sort of a textfile expert, and certainly not necessarily a good textfile writer, whatever quality I might have produced comes from his influence. Sysop of the Terrapin Station AE/BBS, head of the never-a-release Southwest Pirate's Guild, and creator of the Countlegger series, Count Nibble was one of the bright shining lights of my early BBS days and one of my most anticipated interviews.

He's from 505, New Mexico, but is now living in the SF Bay area, in a nice apartment overlooking a lake. I got a tad lost and did this amazingly weird roundabout to find his home, but we got things together and I interviewed him about all sorts of subjects, from his early Apple II days to the influence of Apple Cats, Usenet, and the BBSes of his youth. We also talked socially because we have so many parallel interests, it's quite astounding. How many of my interests are because they were directly spawned by his writing, I will hesitate to say.

His was a great way to spend an evening in one of my favorite places on Earth, and I hope our paths cross again.