Name of Interview: Jerel Crosland
Date Interviewed: May 20, 2003
DV Tapes Filled: 1 Hour
Location: Carpinteria, CA

Jerel lives in one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. I just wanted to say that. It's nestled in mountains, overlooks the Pacific Ocean... it's green and lush and wonderful and of course I got to spend a whole hour and a half there before I had to drive down to Los Angeles. That's the one thing that probably didn't hit me when I'd plan these trips. I'd see wonderful places... for about 10 minutes, and then work, work, work. Jerel was worried I'd be unable to make it safely (it was really late when I left) but you know, I did.

Jerel also told the story of how his BBS went down, which was that it was lost in an earthquake. That's pretty much unique among the stories. A good guy, and VERY understanding of the insane late hour when I showed up at his home to film.