Name of Interview: Milo Tsukroff
Date Interviewed: March 22, 2003
Miles Travelled: Part of 700 mile round trip
DV Tapes Filled: One Hour
Location: Pleasant Valley, NY

milo.mp3 (257K) Interview Excerpt: BBSes always needed help in setting them up...
fido870417.txt (3.0K) From Fidonews 4-17-1987: "FNEWSPRN -- A FidoNews Utility", by Milo Tsukroff, 142/216
fido881010.txt (8.1K) From Fidonews 10-10-1988: "On Nuclear Power and Viruses", by Milo Tsukroff

Milo lives right next to my hometown, Hopewell Junction, NY, so when he started to give me directions, I blithely intimated that I knew this place like the back of my hand and I'd only need his address to get to him... and when I tacked on an extra half-hour into the trip because I simply could not find his turn-off road, I decided that maybe I didn't know my old hometown as well as I did.

We conducted the interview in his garage, which is where all his computers and machinery lives, while his kids played outside. They're pretty obvious on the tape if I listen for them, especially at one point where the kids decided they should bounce the ball they were playing with off the garage door. Luckily, my headphones weren't on.

Milo ran his BBS in Connecticut, and was a part of Fidonet as well as being a part of his local Sysop community. His interview covered being in Fido, as well as the mechanics of being in flamewars, and some of the common pitfalls that BBS sysops encounter. He also told some great stories about apologizing for his flamewars years later, and he may in fact be the only TI/99-4a owner I interviewed discussing his machine on camera.

Everything went smoothly, and I had a good time.