Name of Interview: Shaggy/Metalhead [iCE]
Date Interviewed: September 6, 2002
DV Tapes Filled: 2 Hours

SUPPORT FILES AND RELATED DOCUMENTS (73K) Flatlined Reality, by Lord Soth, Deeply Disturbed, and Shaggy of iCE
mh-narc.png (19K) Narcotic Illusion, by Shaggy [iCE]

Mr. McClure, my previous interview, had been so quick, so efficient and so flexible in getting together for an interview that I suddenly found it to be 2pm and my next interview was scheduled for 7pm. Well, no sense letting that go to waste! Metalhead had left me voicemail earlier saying he'd be open for an interview at some point in the weekend, so I called him and said "How about now?" He was a little surprised I'd drive several dozen miles in the middle of the day, but distance doesn't mean much in these trips, only fitting everyone in. So he was a bonus interview, and an important one at that!

Known as Shaggy and Metalhead at different times, here was one of the top members of Insane Creator Enterprises (iCE), one of the top ANSI groups through the 1990s (and one still existing to this day). He'd gotten away from ANSI art soon after he'd discovered DJing and clubs, but before then he was right in there with the best of them.

As he was giving me directions over the phone on where to get to him in his development, I asked him "Who paid for the Paradise Option in your neighborhood?" I'd not be exaggerating when I say that the entire place seemed just designed to be Heaven on Earth. Full trees, beautiful clean streets, cultivated plants everywhere... and yet not choked over with that "built to order" feel in so many developments I've been seeing. I don't generally take pictures of the surrounding area of an interview but part of me wishes I had.

He'd gone crazy cleaning his office for the interview, but the moment I got up to the top floor of his apartment, I saw where we were going to film, and it wasn't the office. For a party he'd had at some point, a few friends had put a huge graffitti mural in his hallway. It was blue, black and white, and spectacular on videotape. So I had him sit on the railing of his hallway and talk there. I'm really glad I did, because your head snaps back from the amazing image behind him. This also fits in really well with the whole graffitti/tagging theme that ANSI groups have always had. A nice bonus.

We covered a lot of ANSI topics; he was concerned there'd not be much to talk about. As usual, we filled a tape in no time. We probably could have gone a lot further but I didn't want the actual next interview to suffer, so we kept it to one full hour. A great time.