Name of Interview: Necromancer (ACiD)
Date Interviewed: July 28, 2002

Necromancer is one of those "heaven interviews", where, within his subject matter, he is both passionate and clear about what he's talking about. People might agree or disagree with him, but they understand quite well what he is talking about.

He was a pick-up bonus interview related with Rad Man of ACiD. Necromancer was in ACiD as well but founded an ASCII group called Remorse, which was a sub-division of ACiD. Rad Man wasn't all that into the whole idea of "ASCII" art, like he was with ANSI, but Necromancer and others showed him the way.

Of course, RaD Man's interview was great and informative, but as it turned out, so was Necromancer. He had no issues saying the most outrageous things in discussion and defense of the artscene; I found his answers to be honest, however. A lot of his commentary was very insightful in terms of both knowing how foolish the scene might be to outsiders, but how serious and cool it is to people in it. A perspective that a lot of people wouldn't have, believe me.

We recorded him sitting in a wheelchair. He doesn't need one; he just likes sitting in a wheelchair.