Name of Interview: Victor and Marian Volkman
Date Interviewed: April 7, 2002
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
DV Tapes Filled: 2 Hours

Victor and Marian are good people. Living in a cool rambling old house in Ann Arbor, I drove away from the Rubi-Con conference to interview them (avoiding some police action while I was gone; the con was shut down) and spent a good couple of hours talking about how they met online, the multi-line BBS that Victor ran (the remnants of which are in their basement) and about BBS culture in general. I had come to focus on their online meeting, which was silly because I ended up with a LOT of stuff about online meetings, but it was good to have it on tape and I ended up using the sequence. We also did some outside shots, but ultimately, I thought they were too weird (the setup was basically configured for indoor work, without wind and cars zooming by).