Seth, Ari, Art (Uncensored Citadel)
January 27, 2002
Hawthorne, NY
Part of 683 mile round trip
3 hours

I state this in several locations and on tape in commentary, but I was always very sensitive to the BBS Documentary not being, basically, a home movie or a memoir; I didn't want, at the end of the day, to produce a work that was nothing but my friends and close acquaintances showing up, all giving the impression I had an "objective list" of viewers, when in fact it was a very subjective one. So I didn't go running to my buddies, didn't arrange stuff for too many of my old friends from 914, and didn't focus too much on my own past.

In the end, I ended up almost blocking out all my own past, which I didn't really intend either, but there you go. An exception was this early interview with some of the guys from Uncensored! BBS, a BBS running on Citadel/UX that still lives and breathes in the present day.

Seth/The Joker is one of my oldest friends from the BBS days. We were on OSUNY together, as well as a bunch of other BBSes. He always thought me strange, but we hung out a lot in our youth, went to hacker meets and BBS meets together, had a great time. Ari and Art, I don't know as well. Art runs Uncensored and is the maintainer of Citadel/UX. He also has been my staunchest voice in making sure that people know that BBSes are not dead, that they live on on the Internet.

We conducted two hours of interviews. The first hour is basically unusable, soundwise, so it's not in the documentary (although it'll show up as raw footage in the future). I interviewed them in a big, cavernous location which seemed to be a great shot.. and it was! But it was horrible sounding. I never made that mistake again. We shot the rest in a conference room, and it went a ton better.

We covered the unique environment of the Uncensored BBS, some memories of the early days on BBSes, and OSUNY. It was great stuff.