The Earth Art BBS: First Via Satellite!

Equipped with a satellite dish data downlink on Day 1 of operation December 1, 1991.
(11 days later, the First world wide web server in the United States was installed.)

The Earth Art Bulletin Board System Is Extremely Proud To Announce We Now Have


Successfully Hooked Up, Tested And Ready To Go Where No BBS Has Gone Before!

Earth Art BBS was the First Bulletin Board offering data via satellite dish.
Now, we are also the First Bulletin Board with 2 unique feeds via satellite!
The first feed has a General Instruments Infocipher 1500R data receiver with
the data out port connected directly by coaxial cable to a remote operations
computer for uploading to Earth Art BBS.  Now we have an alternative method.
How does it work?  Data is transmitted by FSK technology to audio subcarrier
range of satellite-delivered audio/video signal, pulled in by satellite dish
through my receiver/descrambler's baseband video output, through the SkyLink
demodulator to a remote operations computer, then uploaded to Earth Art BBS.
This is transparent for users, but it is truly a technological breakthrough!

NOTE: The above is from an OLD message sent worldwide via Fidonet. In 1991, no other BBS in the world could send/receive messages via satellite AND cable TV. In 1993, we became equipped for SkyLink communications - which gave us our second dish feed. Our downlinks never exceeded 9600 baud (same speed as a typical fax machine), but data by satellite link has become commonplace. In fact, you can now surf the net via satellite over 400 times faster. Our breakthrough caught the attention of the national computer press!

Press reviews on Earth Art BBS: 1992-1997

Listing of hardware used for Earth Art BBS!

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