Congressman Boucher Assures Ninth District Residents That No Legislation Is Pending to Charge Long Distance Fees For Internet Access

I have heard from many Ninth District residents who have heard a false rumor that legislation is pending on a bill that will make each Internet user have to pay long distance charges to use the Internet.

It has been reported that either the Federal Communications Commission or the Congress has proposed that consumers pay per-minute usage charges for Internet access. Please let me assure you that these reports are inaccurate. Neither the FCC nor the Congress has proposed any changes to the way that consumers obtain and pay for access to the Internet.

In response to the erroneous reports, the FCC recently issued a consumer alert clarifying that while the agency is currently addressing carrier-to-carrier compensation matters related to the completion of Internet calls, this proceeding has no effect on the fees that consumers pay for Internet services. The FCC also confirmed that the agency has no intention of proposing any changes to consumer fees for Internet access. I can also assure you of my strong opposition to per minute charge requirements for Internet access.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this erroneous report, please feel free to contact me.